Trevor Knight Bio

Trevor are one crasy verbal top (as you already acknowledge by the ABC’s act). Trevor very seldom bottoms on picture though. Here are a bit from an interview with him at Just Us Boys:
Addressing of getting on top, I do not think you bottom in many films — Justice being maybe the most celebrated and unforgettable. Do you top by selection? Do film makers cast you as a top for the reason you are so huge?
I am better by far at topping. If I bottom, it is specifically as a role. Besides Justice, I bottomed in The Seeker and for about three seconds in Too Good to Be True.

How did you get in the porno game and where’d your porn name come from?
Essentially I dated my path into it. I was going out with Jason Tyler and dancing in a club where many porno stars went and everybody encouraged me to do it. As for my pornography name, “Trevor” was a hot hombre I knew when I was, like, eighteen and “Knight” was plucked by Studio 2000 as I liked to go out at night and it likewise had a kind of Medieval feel to it.

Trevor retired for a really short time back in 07-08, but fortunately are back in the game. With a amazing list of acts, a sexy voice, and boyish charm, lets hope he’s back in the game for quite a while.